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Methods of East Asian Classical Studies, 62nd Seminar
A Platform for Rising Scholars (Session 27)

Saturday, November 28th, 2020, 2:00 pm
Zoom Webinar (Online)

Basic Information


Topic #1: Language Composition from Japanese Loanwords’ Impact on Sinitic Compound Terms
Speaker: Li Yao (PhD Candidate, Kyoto University)

Topic #2: Is Emperor Yuan of Liang the Author of the Preface and Inscription for the ‘Xiao Jing Epitaph’ in the Kōnin manuscript of the Wenguan Cilin?
Speaker: Chen Jinqing (PhD Candidate, Kyoto University)


KAKENHI Program “Development of the Next Generation of East Asian Classical Studies through International Collaboration: From the Perspective of the Frontier of the Realm of Chinese Characters”

About the Platform for Rising Scholars

 The Platform for Rising Scholars was started in 2016 as part of the Creation of a Next-Generation Hub for East Asian Classical Studies: Accelerating Research and Education through International Collaboration (headed by Saitō Mareshi), with hopes of providing young researchers with an opportunity to share their research and communicate with one another. This platform encourages promising researchers, including graduate students, post-doctors, assistant professors, and lecturers, to present their research outside of their home institutions. Commentators are likewise selected from among young researchers for the purpose of promoting inter-institutional communication.