About the Program

Research Scope and Topics

The goal of our research program on “East Asian Classical Studies” is to unravel and understand various aspects of East Asian classics with a primary focus on the act, as well as products, of writing in Chinese characters. We also aim to create a next-generation research hub on “East Asian Classical Studies” where younger generations of scholars in Japan, other parts of Asia, and North America can interact and work together to envision the future of “East Asian Classical Studies” and also feed what they have learned from each other back into graduate-level education at their home institutions. Our program will organize seminars and compile textbooks as concrete ways to perform collaborate research on the history of writing and literature spanning all of East Asia where Sinitic (classical Chinese) writing has spread, and to enhance graduate-level training in reading Sinitic texts for future scholars.

Our program is a continuation of an earlier research program titled “A Pragmatic and In-Depth Examination of East Asian Classical Studies: Research and Education through International Collaboration” (KAKENHI, 2012-2014, Principal Investigator: SAITO Mareshi). The idea for research and education centered around “East Asian Classical Studies” has its origins in an earlier research program titled “The Construction of Ancient Literature as East Asian Classical Studies” (KAKENHI, 2007-2010, Principal Investigator: KONOSHI Takamitsu). Our program aims to carry on the ideas and research framework of these earlier projects.