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Research Scope and Topics

In this research, in regard to the “East Asian Classical World” formed on the Chinese continent, Korean peninsula, Japanese archipelago, and Indochina peninsula among others, we put into perspective the aspects or boundaries created by the realm of literacy through Chinese characters, that is to say “the frontier of the realm of Chinese characters.” While examining various phenomena—including other types of written expression outside of kanji such as kana and hangul—we will illuminate the structure of the realm of characters and the mechanisms for its creation. In addition, by holding seminars that consider international collaborative discussions on research as well as training the next generation of scholars and creating textbooks, we will visualize methods of “East Asian Classical Literature,” and allow for its continued development as an area of study where international collaboration and the inheritance by the next generation of scholars are possible.

This program is a continuation of “The Creation of a Next generation Hub for East Asian Classical Studies: Accelerating Research and Education through International Collaboration,” (KAKENHI, 2015-2018, principal investigator: Saitō Mareshi) as well as “A Pragmatic and In-Depth Examination of East Asian Studies: Research and Education through International Collaboration” (KAKENHI, 2012-2014, principal investigator: Saitō Mareshi) research programs. Furthermore, the research and education concept of “East Asian Classical Studies” is based on an earlier research program titled, “The Construction of Ancient Literature as East Asian Classical Studies,” (KAKENHI, 2007-2010, principal investigator: Kōnoshi Takamitsu) and our research also inherits its philosophy and concept.

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Development of the Next Generation of East Asian Classical Studies through International Collaboration: From the Perspective of the Frontier of the Realm of Chinese Characters
KAKENHI Grant Number: 19H00528