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Methods of East Asian Classical Studies, 61st Seminar
On “The Origin of National Texts”

Friday, February 21st, 2020, 2:30 pm
Building Noi. 18, first floor, Media Laboratory 2, Komaba Campus, Tokyo University
Shinada Yoshikazu (Tokyo University), Saito Mareshi (Tokyo University) Host

Basic Information


A lecture series on “The Origin of National Texts,” will be held commemorating the publication of Shinada Yoshikazu and Saitō Mareshi’s The Origin of “National Texts”—The Compilation of Classical Texts in Modern Japan (Shin’yōsha, 2019). The lecture topics are as follows:

Shinada Yoshikazu: “Reigning” and “Ruling”
Saitō Mareshi: The Range of Literary Style

Moderator: Tamura Takashi (University of Tokyo)


KAKENHI Program “Development of the Next Generation of East Asian Classical Studies through International Collaboration: From the Perspective of the Frontier of the Realm of Chinese Characters”