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Special Lecture

Method of East Asian Classical Studies, 55th Seminar
Workshop on Bibliographical Studies at the Keio Institute of Oriental Classics (session 3)

June 22nd (Saturday) and 23rd (Sunday), 2019
Keio Institute of Oriental Classics, Keio University
SASAKI Takahiro

Basic Information


Dr. Sasaki Takahiro will conduct a lecture and hosting a practical workshop on bibliographical studies at the Keio Institute of Oriental Classics. Participants will consist of graduate students from Kyoto University, Tokyo University, and Hokkaido University working in the area of premodern Japanese literature. This is the second of a series of such workshops planned for the future. All participants have been selected beforehand; attendance is not open to the public.


Development of the Next Generation of East Asian Classical Studies through International Collaboration: From the Perspective of the Frontier of the Realm of Chinese Characters
Keio Institute of Oriental Classics

A Note regarding the Workshop on Bibliographical Studies

 As of 2017, the program “The Creation of a Next-Generation Hub for East Asian Classical Studies: Accelerating Research and Education through International Collaboration” (led by Saitō Mareshi), has held a series of seminars dealing with the methodology and perspectives of bibliographical studies, insofar as such studies serve a foundational role in research relating to the East Asian classics. in cooperation with Keio Institute of Oriental Classics.
 This series of seminars, “Workshop on Bibliographical Studies,” is made possible through the generous cooperation of Dr. Sasaki Takahiro of Keio University. This workshop seeks to provide participants not only with those basic skills required for the field, but also with a more in-depth understanding of relevant theoretical knowledge.
 We offer two levels for this workshop, a beginner as well as an intermediate class. Participation in each session is determined beforehand. These workshops are intended primarily for doctoral students.