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Methods of East Asian Classical Studies, 54th Seminar
A Platform for Rising Scholars (Session 22)

Sunday, April 21st, 2019, 2:00 pm
Kyōto University, Yoshida-South Campus, Academic Center Building, North Wing, Seminar Room 4117

Basic Information


Topic: On Bibliographies of the Korean Sinic Classic Yuhap in Japan
Presenter: Yang Huijing (PhD Candidate, Kyōto University)


Development of the Next Generation of East Asian Classical Studies through International Collaboration—From the Perspective of the Frontier of the Realm of Chinese Characters


 On the day of the event, Yang Huijing, a doctoral student from Kyoto University, gave a presentation on a topic entitled, “On the bibliography of the Korean Sinitic classic Yuhap in Japan,” to a gathering of over ten people.
 Yuhap is an introductory text to Sinitic characters that was used for educating novice students in literacy during the Joseon period, and has received attention as an important language study document to the study of medieval Korean language. Yang first introduced the Yuhap’s bibliography of two manuscripts and four publications and the circumstances of its publication during the Yi dynasty in Korea using woodblock print books collected from within Japan. Then, from the views of dialect research, research on lexical history, changes in reading Sinitic characters, research on Sinitic phonology in Korea, social life and values at the time, and tendency to select kanji for use in Japanese and Korean education, she discussed the value of the Yuhap in the history of the Korean language, and said she plans to examine the glosses of each character based on research about woodblock prints.
 Afterwards, we began an open discussion, where a conversation unfolded about items such as the categorization of Sinitic classics, relations to the Thousand Character Classic, changes in glossing, literacy rates, the Yuhap’s readership, the relation with Joseon communications envoys, and the deatails about obtaining the Yuhap.
 We would like to express our thanks to Yang Huijing for providing the topic for discussion, the professors who provided guidance, and all those who inspired discussion.
(Wang Yiran, PhD Student, Kyoto University)

About the Platform for Rising Scholars

 The Platform for Rising Scholars was started in 2016 as part of the Creation of a Next-Generation Hub for East Asian Classical Studies: Accelerating Research and Education through International Collaboration (headed by Saitō Mareshi), with hopes of providing young researchers with an opportunity to share their research and communicate with one another. This platform encourages promising researchers, including graduate students, post-doctors, assistant professors, and lecturers, to present their research outside of their home institutions. Commentators are likewise selected from among young researchers for the purpose of promoting inter-institutional communication.