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Methods of East Asian Classical Studies, 49th Seminar

Friday, September 14th, from 1:00PM, and Saturday, September 15th, 2018, from 9:15AM
Saitō Mareshi (Tōkyō University), Tokumori Makoto (Tōkyō University), Torquil Duthie (UCLA), David Lurie (Columbia University), Christina Laffin (University of British Columbia), Satoko Shimazaki (USC)

Basic Information


On Friday, September 14th, and Saturday, September 15th, East Asian Classical Studies and the UCLA Asian Languages and Cultures Department hosted a joint seminar at UCLA over the course of two days. The presenters are listed below:

Saitō Mareshi (Tōkyō University)
Imagining Ancient Times: About Temporality in Rhetoric

Tokumori Makoto (Tōkyō University)
Nihon shoki Commentary as “Movement of Text” – Focusing on Kiyohara no Nobukata’s Endeavor

Torquil Duthie (UCLA)
Kunimi as Ritual for Governing the Realm

David Lurie (Columbia University)
Orikuchi Shinobu’s Imagining of “Ancient Times” and “the Virtues of Irogonomi”

Christina Laffin (University of British Columbia)
Narrative, Genre, Style, and Notions of the Premodern in Reading and Translating Ishimure Michiko’s Okinomiya

Satoko Shimazaki (USC)
Generating Voice – Early Modern Wood-Block Print Publications as Sound Storage Devices


The Creation of a Next-Generation Hub for East Asian Classical Studies: Accelerating Research and Education through International Collaboration
Department of Asian Languages and Cultures at UCLA